Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Week 9 - Picks in Double Time

For those of you unaware, I wrote a great deal for the basketball preview earlier this week. I have a lack of time on my hands, so I will briefly get through this week's picks:

Manwich Matchup of the Week
Pitt @ Washington - Pitt lost to the Giants last week. The Redskins have won a couple in a row (Cleveland, Detroit) of late.
Pick: Pitt

Upset of the Week
ATL @ Oakland - Jeff George can only support one team... and it's the winner of this game.
Pick: Oakland

Houston @ Minnesota - This is a bizarre matchup. The Vikings have been one of the most inconsistent teams in recent memory. However, the Vikings are more desperate than the Texans, who have won 3 straight (Miami, Cincy, Detroit)
Pick: Minnesota

Jacksonville @ Cincy - It's too bad the Browns beat the Jags. The Jags will probably be extra focused now for the 0-8 Bungals. Have no fear Bungal fans - Baltimore, Cleveland and KC remain on the schedule.
Pick: Jack-o

TB @ KC - Yawn.
Pick: TB

Baltimore @ Cleveland - I think I've hardly picked any Browns games right... but I sincerely believe the Ravens are over-rated and the Browns will refuse to be swept.
Pick: Cleveland

Jets @ Buffalo - The jets have won 2 of 3. The Bills have lost 2 of 3, but are undefeated at home.
Pick: Buffalo

Arizona @ ST. Louis - The Rams have actually been a lot of fun since sacking their head coach. But Arizona is on a mission for a division title. It would be only their 3rd division title... since their inception in 1920!!!!!
Pick: Arizona

Detroit @ Chicago - Da Bears.
Pick: Chicago

GB @ Tennessee - Da Titans.
Pick: Tennessee

Miami @ Denver - When Miami plays Denver, I keep thinking about that time they traded their top RBs to each other because both had issues. Sammie Smith and Bobby Humphrey were their names, and I have no idea why these two teams make me think of that. The weird thing? Both players only lasted one more pitiful season and both were later arrested for cocaine possession, or at least that's what Wikipedia says right now.
Pick: Denver

Dallas @ Giants - The Giants really lucked out with this one, since facing Brad Johnson instead of Tony Romo is like matching up against Mr. Belding instead of AC Slater in a wrestling match.
Pick: Giants

Philly @ Seattle - Yawn.
Pick: Philly

New England @ Indy - You know what? It's not even exciting this year. It's not just the lack of Tom Brady, it's that both teams are so incredibly mortal.
Pick: Indy

Last Week: 8-6 (could have done better of course)
Season: 64-52
Manwich: 4-4 (The Giants came through against Pitt!)
Upset of the Week: 1-7 (I need to stop picking against Tennessee)

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