Sunday, October 12, 2008

MMBSD: Dance Monkeys Dance

AP College Football voters getting ready to cast their choice

It used to be in college football that we could use a boxing analogy. If you were higher in the rankings unless you fattened yourself on Glass Joe or lost you would continue to move to the front of the polls. No longer. As Texas raced to the top of the polls today it seems clear that ranking is determined by what have you done for me lately. ESPN (sometimes on ABC) knee jerked (has there anyone in the history of falsely confident douchebags been a bigger one than Mark May?) into demanding that Texas leap frog Alabama into the number one spot. Why? Well they beat the Number One team was the claim. Yes, Alabama earlier in the year destroyed the then number 1 team but that was 3 weeks ago. Never mind Texas needed some questionable roughing the passer calls or did so on a neutral field or that for years we've had the SEC is the best conference EVAHH shoved down our throats...Texas this second did something noteworthy so we have act immediately, immediately, immediately. Without teams going up and down faster than a Thai prostitute what would ESPN have to talk about? Actual game stuff? Please.

Ultimately it doesn't matter as the Championship Game, contrary to what you may have heard, is actually played with 2 teams and as such whether its Texas v. Alabama or Alabama v. Texas is irrelevant but the drum beat of what have you done for me lately continues to blow. Any bets on if USC blows another gimme but afterwards plays well down the stretch then Herbstreit will purse his lips, get out his patented Pete Carroll balls fondling device and cry out "But this team is playing the best football at the moment I'm saying this "

Mighty's List of College Football Championship Contenders
1. Alabama
2. Texas
3. Penn State
4. OK State
5. USC/Florida/Georgia

I bet how much on Dallas? Crap!

Like a dumbass I boasted the wonders of the NFC East. That somehow its members where better than any other NFC team. How was my bragadocia rewarded? By 2 of their members dropping the ball against the NFC West. THE NFC West? The division where teams look up to mediocrity. Add on the fact that Iggles had to come from behind to win against San Fran and you you might consider selling your NFC East stock for something safer (is there a safe investment these days outside of bottled water and guns?) So I stand corrected. In fact I don't remember a year where both leagues were this wide open at the 5 game mark.

Fountain of Hotness
Speaking of things I was horribly horribly wrong about Britney Spears got uber hot again. I didn't think it was possible, I assumed there was a greater chance she would be eaten by a tiger in a grocery store in Tanzania while she sang Battle Hymn of the Republic. I blew that call. And by that I mean yes the video is NSFW and in a totally kick ass way (although this shouldn't be read as endorsing the music just endorsing hot naked chicks in saunas. Why don't politicians deal with our lack of super hot naked chicks in saunas?).
My happiness of a hot Britney again is muted by my fear that its a sign of the apocalypse


Yes hockey. The great American sport. Anyway a funny thing happened the other day. Super Hockey Pitbull/Mom Sarah Palin thought it would be a good idea to go before the Philly Flyers fans to drum up support. She likes hockey, they like hockey, what could go bad? The obvious explanations for this bonehead move is that she has an overinflated sense that people like her. Its also possible that she thought that Philly fans wouldn't act like Philly fans. You know Philly fans...the people who boo kids, Santa, happiness,etc. I'm hoping that the person born to star in the Tina Fey biopic really didnt think it was a bright move to walk out on the ice with her little girl and instead that somehow the bright flashing lights just confused her and maybe she just got lost. But honestly if you can't anticipate something as obvious as booing at a Philly game, it might be a sign your not ready to I dunno have nuclear weapons.

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