Monday, October 20, 2008

MMBSD: Picture Becomes Clearer

College Football
Normally the pattern has been in College Football that after a big win a powerhouse lays an egg. As Texas stepped into prime time against a dangerous Missouri the question is how would they respond. Well within about 4.2 seconds Texas turned Missouri into mincemeat. Heisman favorite Colt McCoy (if your parents name you Colt its pretty much constraining you to the life of a Texas QB, Texas Oil Tycoon, or deadbeat automechanic) who came in completing over 80% of his passes played flawlessly as the Burnt Orange Machine was unstoppable. Add in an emerging running threat and a defensiveline that can get pressure on spread-option team and well Texas solidified itself as the favorite to win the mythical BCS Championship. One more big test against Ok State this week and Mack Brown could have Texas poised for another championship.

Alabama - Nov 7 at LSU. Potential SEC Championship Game
Penn State - tOSU This weekend.
OU - at Ok State Nov 26th. Pray Texas loses in Dr.Pepper Big 12 Bowl
USC - In theory Cal 11/8 but USC is skating by on hype. Hoping OSU makes a big push as thats their quality win of the year
Georgia - LSU, Florida, G-Tech. SEC Champ Game 4 Wins v. Top 15 competition could launch UGA back into Championship talk land.

For all those suckers that put money down on favorites this year. Check out how Indy, New England, Dallas and New Orleans are doing. Three words: Circling the Drain. These teams need to at least starting come within a facsimile of how they were supposed to play and fast or given the glut of teams in front of them leap frogging will keep them from the playoffs.

Perhaps this is why the season seems so wide open. As Gutsy said to me how many of these teams at the top do you buy? Not too much but then again I don't think I've seen any NFL coverage these days that isnt focused on Pacman Jones issues, Tony Romo's thumb or Jerry Jones desire to make random trades. When did the Cowboys become the Red Sox of ESPN coverage?

Other Miscallaneous Notes
As the NBA season starts heating up a few questions
1) Which Big Man Returning will have a bigger impact: Greg Oden or Andrew Bynum or Yao Ming?
2) The acquisition of Mo Williams or Elton Brandt or Ron Artest...which will matter more in the playoffs?
3) Posey to New Orleans. Bigger Benefit to the Hornets or Bigger Loss for Celtics?
4) How big of a deal is a healthy Dwayne Wade in the overall Championship discussion?
5) Derrek Rose, OJ Mayo or Michael Beasley? If its OJ Mayo does Kevin McHale (who traded him away) officially get labeled as the worst NBA GM ever.

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