Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mighty Bets for 2010 BCS Bowls

If the other bowl games are for fun , the BCS is where the real gamblers earn their keep. The stakes are higher, the predictions harder, the fact that everyone will taunt you looms high. And yet I will not only make predictions but as always make substantial wagers......

Fiesta Bowl
What I'm willing to Bet: Rod and Todd Flanders

Pick: Oklahoma over UConn

The Big East has never won a BCS bowl and UConn might be the worst team to ever represent the Big East. They are 62nd in total offense! Yes Big Game Bob has been awful in bowl games lately but if he can't beat UConn he needs to pack it in. I'm so confident I'm willing to risk the Flanders.

Rose Bowl
What I'm Willing to Bet: Colonel's House

Pick: Wisconsin over TCU
I'm willing to grant that TCU has a phenomenal defense. However it is a defense built for combating the small fast teams (TCU literally invented the 3-3-5 - the alignment that's used against spread-option teams now). A 3-3-5 (that's 3 DLs, 3 LBs, and 5 CBs) is not going to match up well against Wisconsin's mashers up front. Yes it's possible but I'm risking Castle Grayskull, Colonel's main fortress.

Orange Bowl
What I'm Willing to Bet: An Alpaca

Pick: Stanford over Virginia Tech

If you fell asleep after week 2 you'd think that this was a giant mistake having V-Tech in the BCS. It still might be but V-Tech did go undefeated in the ACC. So they got that going for them. Which is nice. On the one hand Stanford has Andrew Luck - a great pro prospect. On the other V-Tech has Taylor - a great college QB. V-Tech has the home field time zone and a statistically superior defense. However I'm going to side with Harbaugh. When it doubt go with the coach that would ride an alpaca to a bowl game.

National Championship
What I'm Willing to Bet: A trip to an Indian buffet

Pick: Aurbun over Oregon

While most people are falling heads over heels in picking an Auburn win, I'm willing to entertain Oregon. The main reason...Cam Newton. How often have we seen Heisman Trophy QB winners fat off banquet tours fall flat in the National Championship game? It's a lot . Add in that Oregon has made great adjustments at halftime and it might nullify Auburn's comeback nature. However as much as I want to go with Oregon, the SEC myth has seeped into my brain and I'll go with Auburn. But it's going to be close...

Sugar Bowl

What I'm Willing to Bet: My Self-Esteem

Pick: Ohio State over Arkansas

Last year tOSU reversed its' BCS losing ways and crushed Oregon. This year they face the other major monkey on their back...the SEC. The Buckeyes are 0-9 versus the SEC in bowl games. Not sure why that matters other than it means my self-esteem as a proud Ohioan/Union Man is on the line. Arkansas is the best offense the Buckeyes have faced in a looong time. A pro style offense averaging nearly 40 points a game, a passing attack 4th in the nation, a future first round QB, an evil soulless head coach, etc.. It'll be tough. However the Buckeyes are getting healthier in the secondary, are laden with seniors, and have actually pulled out some quality wins in the TP era. It might just be the year tOSU can help silence the cries of Slow Big 10. And whether I want to or not I'm risking crying in the corner with Binky if they don't win....


Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) I'd be willing to bet Rod, Todd, AND Ned Flanders on Oklahoma winning!

2) That TCU defense sounds like it would get destroyed by the physical wisconsin team.
3) See... I resist all urgers to pick the SEC. That's why... I'm going with Oregon!
4) The Buckeyes may be 0-9 vs. the SEC... but they could have easily been 2-7 had they beaten S.Carolina either of those two times under Coach Cooper!

Hitman said...

Is the Big East really 0-fer the BCS? That's pathetic. Another reason why the current slate of automatic berths is nonsense.

Wooooooooooo Pig Sooie!

Mighty Mike said...

No. The Big East is really not 0-fer. Sorry for the hyperbole. The current Big East is 3-4 in BCS Bowls - (remembering Miami won while in the Big East but now in the ACC)

Hitman said...

Ok. Thanks. Wooooo Pig Sooie anyway.