Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mighty's 2010-2011 Bag O' Bowl Predictions

It's back. That time of year where I make tons of predictions on bowl games and then fail miserably at it. Remember next week is BCS games so I'm just summarizing the best of the non-BCS bowl. And without further ado.... my favorite bowls of the non-bcs version

Dec 22nd The MAACO Bowl
Utah v. Boise State
Boise which came over so close to the BCS championship game ends up playing the best non-BCS bowl matchup. Well for now. This is Utah's last game as a non-BCS as next year it's off to the Pac 12.
Food of Choice: Mini-Egg Rolls. We're still in bowl appetizer mode
Pick: Boise State

Dec 24th The Hawaii Bowl
Hawaii v. Tulsa
If this seems like a random bowl game to follow it is. But the reason is that both are top 8 offensives and horrible defenses. If you want to see basketballesque scores this is the game to watch.
Food of Choice: Empanadas . I recommend black bean but chicken is also acceptable
Pick: Tulsa

Dec 30th Holiday Bowl
Nebraska v. Washington

So this bowl is a rematch of a Nebraska blowout win. Major blow out win. This is also uberhyped Jake Lockler's last chance to actually be a good football player as opposed to a figment of certain ESPN draft analyst (Todd McShay cough cough)
Food of Choice: Tuna Melt. Muenster cheese is preferable but I'll allow swiss if you are in a pinch.
Pick: Nebraska

Dec 31th Various Has Been Bowls
Notre Dame v. Miami
South Carolina v. FSU

It'll be the day before New Years so you shouldn't have much doing other making sure you have enough booze and that the ass groove in your couch is ready for national hangover day. So in honor of not really paying attention here are two bowls from schools or coaches that have seen better days or more bluntly are has beens.
Food of Choice: Mac and Cheese. You'll need the carbs
Picks: Notre Dame and South Carolina

Jan 1
Big 10 v. SEC Bowls
Outback Bowl (Florida v. Penn State)
Gator Bowl (Michigan v. Miss St)
Capital One/Citrus Bowl (Alabama v. Michigan State)

With the switching of the Gator Bowl tie in the Big 10 and SEC will have at minimum 3 matchups per year (this year 4 with tOSU in the Sugar Bowl). It's time for the War between the states (or what I believe is referred to as the War of Northern Aggression in SEC country) to be re-enacted with it's full vitriol
Food of Choice: Ginger Bread. It was the food of choice in Union hospitals during the Civil War
Picks: Straight SEC. Not good match-ups for the Big 10

Jan 7th Cotton Bowl
Texas A&M v. LSU

The Cotton Bowl used to be one of the Big 4 bowls but was left in the dirt during various power grabs, corruption scandals, and bad luck. Jerry Jones through power grabs, corruption, and an intergalactic fun house is trying to return the Cotton Bowl to its former glory. Stage 1 get great matchups.
Food of Choice: Chilli. It's the official food of Texas due to immigration concerns eliminating Tex-Mex
Pick: LSU

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) Re: cotton bowl. What is an intergalactic fun house?
2) How can you not list the Iowa vs. Missouri bowl game? I'm intrigued by that... or at least I was before Iowa admitted they have lack of control over their drug testing.
3) I also think Ok State vs. Arizona is interesting. Arizona disappointed all season... maybe they can still get another win.
4) Does K-State vs. Syracuse qualify as "has-been bowl games" or as "used to be has-beens, but now up and coming?"
5) I'm disappointed to see that you favor the SEC in all the SEC-Big 10 games. I hope you are wrong.