Saturday, December 18, 2010

Orlando Trades Most of their Team: What is Otis Smith Doing?

I'm trying to wrap my head around the trades that the Orlando Magic's GM just did. I know why the Phoenix Suns did the trade (money). I know why the Washington Wizards did the trade (monye - Rashard Lewis only has 2 years guaranteed money due... Arenas = 4 years!). But why in the world did the Orlando Magic make all these moves... unless it's a compelte knee-jerk reaction by Orlando GM Otis Smith? Money-wise, Orlando took on a lot more commitments. Vince Carter's deal was expiring, and instead the Magic now owe 4 years to Turkoglu. Thus, the only way to say this trade is good is if it helps you win immediately.

Here is what the Orlando Magic gave up:
PF R. Lewis
SF Vince Carter
SG Pietrus
C Gortat
2011 first round pick
$3 million

Here is what they get: PF/SF Turkoglu, SG J. Richardson, PG/SG G. Arenas, PF Earl Clark (he's unimportant throw-in). So... they just lost four players, a first round pick, $3 million, their backup center (who is a starter on most teams), to get these 3 players:
Turkoglu, Richardson, and Arenas.

Their old rotation:
PF R. Lewis
SF V. Carter
C D. Howard
SG Q. Richardson
PG J. Nelson
6- PF -Bass
7-SG/SF -Pietrus
8- SG - Redick
9-C - Gortat

Their new rotation:
PF Bass (from the bench to being a starter)
SF Turkoglu
C D. Howard
SG J. Richardson
PG Arenas
6 - PG - J. Nelson
7 - SG - Q. Richardson
8 - SG/SF - Pietrus
9- PF - Ryan Anderson (who shoots 3s like Rashard Lewis)

Note: Arenas has been shooting terrible so far this season (39% from the field, and 32% from 3-point land). The more I think about it... I could see doing the Phoenix trade (giving up Vince Carter, Pietrus, and Gortat to get Turkolgu and J. Richardson). Turkoglu and J. Richardson are probably improvements in comparison to playing Vince Carter and Q. Richardson heavy minutes. The main variable would be whether Turkoglu plays hard enough or whether he doesn't care at all, like last season in Toronto. Judging by his performance at the World Championships this past summer, where Turkoglu looked amazing and helped Turkey reach the finals, I think Turkoglu still has something left in the tank, so he is an improvement in this system over Vince Carter.

However, the part of all this trading that makes no sense to me is this:
Why did you just trade Rashard Lewis to get Gilbert Arenas????

Okay, I actually don't like either player this much in their careers. In fact, Rashsard Lewis is having one of his worst seasons, especially if you look at +/- and win-share on basketball-reference.

However.... you know who else also sucks this season? Gilbert Arenas. He's having career-lows in eFG%, ast%. Rebound%, Win-share. Of course, some of this could be the fact that he's on a bad team. But Arenas has bad knees and is due 4 guaranteed seasons (not 2 guaranteed seasons and a partially guaranteed season). In addition, once Orlando brings in Arenas, doesn't this mean that Jameer Nelson's numbers are then limited? I just can't follow the logic for this trade.... and I can't justify it.

FINAL VERDICT: Not a good idea. Should never have traded Rashard Lewis for Arenas. Yes, Rashard is playing like dog-poo this season... but getting Arenas isn't going to help the situation. In facdt, it's going to make it more confusing!

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Mighty Mike said...

It's a panic move. Or a drunk move on a dare move... Why would anyone trade for Arenas and get nothing in exchange.....