Monday, December 20, 2010

MMBSD: Par for the Course

In honor of great beards (h/t Dr. Saturday)

In what seems par for the course this year of unpredictability, counter-intuitiveness, and insanity Andy Reid was vindicated in that he fleeced Washington in trading Mcnabb. Sure a lot of people thought Reid got the better of the deal but that McNabb wouldn't even make it out the season? Or that the Sex Cannon would do better than McNabb? With Oakland, Cleveland, St.Louis, and Detroit all making steps forward this year , the Redskin might hold the title of most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL. Or that the guy who would replace McNabb would be the league MVP? What a weird year!

The one constancy all these years has been Indy's mastery of the AFC South. With a big win over Jacksonville, the Colts regain control of their destiny. Win and yet another AFC South is theirs. However unlike in years past the Colts seem a step behind the elite of the NFL.

The other constancy is Rex Grossman throwing horrible INTs. Whew. At least that's the same

The Giants collapse against the Iggles should not even be analyzed it was sooo bad.

The Browns loss to the Bungals should finish off Mangini. It's a festivus miracle

Minnesota v. Chicago tonight...old school and by old school I mean being tackled on concrete

Johanna Lundback. Will be coming to the BSD new year's party. All contributors are of course welcome.

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) I can't even remember what the Eagles got for McNabb. All I can say is that the Redskins losing games doesn't have anything to do with McNabb... it's that putrid defense.
2) Indy does control their own destiny... and then lose in the opening round.
3) Rex Grossman, how he missed thee! I just wish the Redskins play Denver so the Bears ex-QBs can battle each other.