Monday, December 13, 2010

MMBSD: Deflating...

Lots of Random we'll try the 6 pack form.....

1) Brett Favre's deflating implosion reached irony status when the Metrodome's roof collapsed under the strain of weight and time. It does seem appropriate that if finally has to miss a game one will see it.

2) The Redskins seem to have found new and intriguing ways to lose....2 missed field goals and a last second botched extra point yields a new low point. Right?

3) The Patriots seem to be rounding into playoff form and might be the favorites to win it all. 2 straight blowouts, a 11-2 record and 3 manageable games to finish things. Meet your #1 seed.

College Football
4) Will Muschamp was the highest paid assistant coach in College Football. Mack Brown's CEO approach meant that Muschamp more or less ran the D, handled all recruiting, and was poised to replace Brown when he retired. However the ex-Saban disciple will be taking over the Gators job. As Muschamp has never been a head coach its unclear how he'll do but all the signs at minimum point to an outstanding recruiter.

5) The other job Florida job (Miami) will be going to Al Golden. Golden was once thought as Paterno's successor at PSU Golden (no relation to me. I think) turned around the morbid Temple program and now has to step up to the big boys. (side note Auburn's O coordinator Guz Malzehin is headed to Vandy for $ 3 million a year. umm where did that money come from?)

6) During the holiday season it's important to keep eating your fruits and vegetables. Monica Bellucci demonstrates the correct method...


MJ said...


1) I've watched and re-watched the video of the roof caving in at the Metrodome in Minneapolis and, yes, I too conclude that it's related to Brett Favre. Minnesota is paying for the Faustian bargain they've made with that horrendous person.

2) The Redskins are a very sad organization at this point. As Peter King asked in his column last week, who would've thought that swapping a lousy GM (Vinny Cerrato) and an overmatched coach (Jim Zorn) with an established GM (Bruce Allen) and a borderline Hall of Fame coach (Mike Shanahan) would've actually made the team worse?!

3) It's only the middle of December so it's a touch early to make any proclamations but, yes, the Patriots do look like the best team in football right now. They've destroyed and badly exposed two teams (Jets/Bears) that were thought of as top contenders. Tom Brady looks like he did during the almost-undefeated season.


1) Although there is value to previous head coaching experience, I don't think it's an absolute prerequisite to success. I think the problem for Muschamp won't be an issue of inexperience but more an issue of trying to replace a coach who won two national championships in a four-year period. Expectations will be very high and we don't yet know how a defensive-minded coach will mesh with a school always known for their offensive explosiveness (even dating back to the Spurrier days).

2) I don't care who Al Golden is or what he did at Temple, it's a sign of how far "The U" has fallen if they're having to choose from among CFL coaches (Marc Trestman) and the guy at Temple that used to run Al Groh's shitty defenses at UVA. No one was interested in the Miami job.

Mighty Mike said...

I agree on the U falling. The not so secret secret is that Miami simply doesn't want to pay the wages of a top tier program...hence Al Golden.

Also my apologies but Gus Malzhin will not be the next coach of Vandy. Apparently 3 million isn't enough to get someone to coach there....

Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) I agree with MJ. Even the Metrodome roof does not like Favre!
2) The Redskins are just very unlucky. Let's not forget they've actually won some decent games this year. I think it's just the law of averages swinging back and biting them in the butt.
3) I also agree with MJ about Muschamp... it will be interesting to see how a defensive coordinator adjusts to life at Florida. Expectations will indeed be sky high. Remember Ron Zook? He didn't last long at Florida because of the expectations.
4) I disagree about the tagline of "how far the U has fallen." In college football and college basketball, successful coaches from smaller conferences are hired for the big conferences (with varying degrees of success). That's how it works. This guy turned around a team that was winning 1 game per year and made them into a serious team. You have to respect that.