Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week 17 - It's playoff-time... now!

I've screwed up all of my picks all season long. It's one last week for me to get things straight, before I make a heap of horrible picks for the playoffs!

Manwich Matchup of the Week
and Opening Round Playoff Game #17
Teams that have been eliminated: Cleveland, St. Louis, Oakland (twice), Detroit, Buffalo, Kansas City, San Fran (twice), Denver, Arizona, Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Indy! (lost to Dallas), Jacksonville, Giants
STL @ Seattle- Oh yeah! Do-or-die. The Seahawks won the first game... meaning the Rams are winning this game. Plus, the Seahawks have been in free-fall mode (losing 5 of the last 6). Plus, the Seahawks are now ranked 28th in offense, and 30th in defense. If the Rams succeed, they would also rank as one of the most improbable playoff teams in the history of the NFL... and Sam Bradford's rookie year would be crowned as one of the greatest ever, especially considering his top-two WRs blew their knees out within the first 4 weeks of the season.
Pick: STL

Upset of the Week
Oakland @ KC- I'm rooting for the Raiders and picking the Raiders for only one reason: something I saw on ESPN... if the Raiders win this game, they will finish 6-0 in the division, and become the first team in the history of the NFL to go undefeated in division play and fail to qualify for the playoffs!
Pick: Oakland

Bears @ Packers - The Packers need to win to get in... the Bears need to win to eliminate their rivals.
Pick: Packers

Miami @ NE- I don't think the Patriots ever sit back and chill.
Pick: NE
Tenn @ Indy- Indy has to win to get in... and they will.
Pick: Indy
Jacksonville @ Houston- No Garrard, no Jones-Drew, no chance.
Pick: Houston
Pitt @ Cleveland- Pick: Pitt
Cincy @ Baltimore- Pick: Baltimore
Minny @ Detroit- Did anyone else realize the Lions have won 3 in a row???? Doesn't this mean they will be a sleeper team next year?
Pick: Detroit
NYGiants @ Washington- Giants have to win.
Pick: Giants

Dallas @ Philly- Pick: Dallas (I think the Eagles are resting everyone, and the Dallas coach needs wins for his career)
Buff @ Jets- Pick: Jets
CAR @ ATL- Pick: ATL
Tampa @ New Orleans - Pick: New Orleans (I just don't respect Tampa still)

Arizona @ SF- Pick: SF (I honestly have no idea here)
SD @ Denver- Just for the record... the Chargers are 1st in defense in yards, 2nd in offense in yards, and they only punted the ball 48 times all season (which led the league)... and they didn't make the playoffs. Yes, their special teams are bad and they are 25th in turnovers at -7. However... I think this may be a record for greatest skilled-team not making the playoffs. Don't worry though, Norv Turner is coming back next year. It almost sounds like a bad horror movie, called "I know what you did last winter (screwed up a lot of football games). Pick: Denver (The Chargers have officially quit)

Last Week: 5-11 (awful, I know. bounce-back was only 1-2. I missed a lot of games!)
Season: 144-93
Manwich: 13-5 (Giants got crushed by the Packers)
Upset of the Week: 11-14 (The Ravens dominated the Browns. I screwed up.)


Mighty Mike said...

seems good to me. hmm. that can't be a good sign...

MJ said...

I'm taking KC over Oakland, Minnesota over Detroit, Washington over the Giants and Arizona over San Francisco.