Sunday, December 05, 2010

MMBSD: Playoffs

As always your Monday Morning thoughts (written Sunday night)

After a wacky and wild NFL year the playoffs can finally be discussed with some well accuracy. The AFC all but the seedings and playoff fodder (read AFC South and West) are decided. I suppose it's some sort of race to decide if KC or San Diego or Oakland make it. Or if Indy can claw its way back into the division race but does anyone really think any of those above mentioned teams can win the AFC?

The NFC playoff race appears to be a little more interesting as there's a number of good teams on the outside (read Green Bay) and those inside are tightly bunched with uncertainty all of over the place as to home field/byes. While Chicago is in good position at the moment they probably have the toughest remaining schedule (New England, Jets, Green Bay) so I'm uncertain where they will end up.

It seemed inevitable that the Favre era (if this is the end) should end with injuries and controversy. It just seems appropriate.

College Football
The last week of College Football was pretty anti-climatic. No controversy. No sudden death insanity. Really no upsets. Pretty much by the books, better team won out. The result is that the BCS has a number of great bowls. Yes it's easy to complain about who was left out (guess what Sparty next time don't get blown out by 31 to a mediocre team) or who was left in (any Big East school) but no system would get it right so I say to the haters, have a coke and a smile and STFU.

While next week I'll go more in depth with bowl analysis a few things to note. The obvious is this probably the first Mythical Championship where both teams have average (at best) defenses. This might be the insane shootout ESPN has been waiting for . I say might as more time to scheme I think benefits the D. I think. That said the story that will be played up 5... as in the SEC is going for its 5th straight National title. This is the first time the SEC and PAC have faced one another on this stage. Other stories to follow: 4 Big 10 v. SEC Bowl Games, Utah v. Boise the Best not AQ matchup bowl. Air Force v. G-Tech old fashioned bowl (both run the triple option) and Miami v. Notre Dame (the has been bowl). Other bowls people are excited for?

And your random hottie to get you through a Monday
Sara Jean Underwood is getting stretched and ready for Bowl season


B. Hutchens said...

I am excited to watch the "Will Dick Rod Retain His Job Bowl". Not sure how UM got the nod for a NY Day bowl especially since Iowa beat them, but hey I will take it. My guess is that it was either bribery or a larger fan base, or both. The SEC-Big 10 matchups will be fun to watch. I think that OSU/Arkansas game will be great (will Mallett show the world that one former UM player can beat OSU) the BAMA!!/Sparty game will be great too.

MJ said...

Most important comment first: Sara Jean Underwood shows us the importance of stretching before engaging in strenuous sexual activity.


1. We know the Jets, Pats, Steelers and Chiefs are in. We think the Jags, Ravens, Raiders and Colts will fight it out for the remaining two spots. Only the Jets, Patriots, Steelers and Ravens have a legitimate shot to win the AFC championship.

2. We know the Falcons are in. The rest of the NFC is completely up in the air. Most realistically, the Eagles, Saints, Packers and Rams will join Atlanta. The Bears and Giants will fight it out for the final spot. On paper, the Giants have the slightly more favorable schedule...


1. The BCS Bowls should all be interesting (except for Oklahoma-UConn, which is a complete crapfest).

2. I concur that anyone bemoaning Michigan State's exclusion should remember that MSU controlled their own destiny. Losing to Iowa might not have mattered that much until the Hawkeyes ended up going 1-3 in the month of November. In other words, MSU lost to a mediocre Iowa team and shouldn't be the subject of sympathy.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) I have no sympathy for Mich St. Someone couldn't make it from the 3-way tie in the big ten. sorry, that's how BCS cookies crumble.
2) i'm excited for big ten-SEC. I'm sure no one in the SEC gives the big ten credit, so I, as usual, will be rooting for the big ten to beat the opponents.
3) in the afc, i assume pats, jets, steelers, ravens all make it... and the other 2 divisions have strange outcomes that i can't predict. Jacksonville?!? KC?!? Though, as usual, I'm rooting for San Diego to pull off a miracle and still make the playofs.
4) the NFC is nuts... because one of the following teams CANNOT make the playoffs: eagles, giants, packers, bears, saints, falcons. I've hated the bears all year, so I'm picking them to go down in flames. they have been lucky way too many times.