Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Legends and Leaders?!?!

Are you f'in kidding me?

Epic fail.


Gutsy Goldberg said...

Division names I would have rather had, off the top of my head:

1) Alpha and A
2) Big and Ten
3) Thunder and Lightning
4) Awesome and Spectacular (props to Mighty on that one)
5) Corn and Wheat (or would it be Corn and Cars? I'm not sure)

B. Hutchens said...

What about Earthquake and Typhoon?

Mighty Mike said...

Yeah who's the ad wizards that came up with this one? Honestly is there anything about the implementation of the expansion that the Big 12 has done well? Epic fail is right...

MJ said...

I would've gone with:

1) Rim and Job
2) Blow and Job
3) Rub and Tug
4) Suck and Fuck
5) Piss and Shit
6) Loose and Stools
7) Beer and Goggles
8) Titty and Fuck
9) Gin and Tonic
10) Cheech and Chong

Any of those inappropriate names would've been better than the dull "Legends" and "Leaders" nonsense.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

I'm now in favor of "Earthquake" and "Typhoon"! Nice.