Friday, December 03, 2010

Ron Santo, 1940-2010

A career .277 hitter with 342 home runs and over 1300 RBI.

A five-time Gold Glover and a nine-time All-Star.

A role model and an inspiration to generations of Cubs fans.

A hero to thousands of children afflicted with juvenile diabetes.

Above all, a legend and a class act.

Rest in peace, Ronnie.


Mighty Mike said...

There's a special relationship between a baseball announcer and his respective baseball team listeners. More so when the announcer is a former player. He will assuredly be missed...

MJ said...

You listed everything he is but omitted one key detail:

A Hall of Famer. Or at least he should've been.

Sorry to all Cubs fans that mourn the loss of their hometown favorite. It's a shame that he had to pass away at such a young age and hopefully someone in Cooperstown will figure out that a terrible wrong has been done.