Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Week 16 - Santa Claus and the Playoffs

Week 16... it's here. There's still some drama to be had, like well Santa Claus give me presents? Will Kwanzaa-bot also stop by during that time?

Manwich Matchup of the Week and Opening Round Playoff Game #16
Teams that have been eliminated: Cleveland, St. Louis, Oakland (twice), Detroit, Buffalo, Kansas City, San Fran (twice), Denver, Arizona, Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Indy! (lost to Dallas), Jacksonville
Giants @ Green Bay- Well... it all comes down to this. One game. In Green Bay... and the winner is most likely going to be getting the last wildcard in the NFC. Green Bay is still unsure if Rodgers will be playing, though Flynn played pretty well last weekend. I think Flynn only played well because that's the name of the lead character in Tron: Legacy. However, this is the year of the bounceback... and if a team ever deserved a bounceback game, it would be the Giants, who had a soul-crushing defeat last week at the hands of DeSean Jackson and Mr. Vick. Pick: Giants

Upset of the Week
Baltimore @ Cleveland- Mangini only respects teams with good records... and his back is really up against a wall now after close, pathetic losses to the Bills and the Bengals. The Ravens just scored a huge victory... so I'm smelling letdown in the snow.
Pick: Cleveland

SF @ St. Louis- The fact that 5-9 San Fran is still alive and can easily win the division is just awesome. I think the Rams are going to win, only because the 49ers won earlier this season.
Pick: Rams

CAR @ Pitt - Pick: Pitt
Dallas @ Arizona- Pick: Dallas
Detroit @ Miami- Can the Dolphins please win a 2nd game at home? I'm beginning to get concerned for their coach... Pick: Miami
Minny @ Philly - Pick: Philly
Wash @ Jack- Pick: Jacksonville

Seattle @ Tampa- I don't trust the Seahawks outside the division. Pick: Tampa
NE @ Buff- Pick: New England
Jets @ Chicago- Pick: Jets
Tennesee @ KC- KC is undefeated at home somehow... but... I think it's going to finally end this week. Pick: Tennessee
Indy @ Oakland- Pick: Indy
Houston @ Denver- Pick: Houston
SD @ Cincy- Pick: SD
NO @ ATL- I think they are both making the playoffs... but the Saints are due for a bounce-back after getting tripped up against Baltimore.
Pick: NO

Last Week: 12-4
Season: 139-82
Manwich: 13-4 (Philly miracled the Giants; New Orleans failed against Baltimore)
Upset of the Week: 11-13 (The Jets bounced back against the Steelers!)


MJ said...

I'm taking the Packers, Ravens and Broncos.

Mighty Mike said...

I'm picking Baltimore, Chicago, and SF....

MJ said...

Chicago over the Jets? Interesting. I thought about it but ultimately couldn't go with the Bears on the basis that the one and only thing the Jets do well is cover the pass and that's where the Bears do most of their damage.

It'll be an ugly game but I'm going with the Jets 20-17.

MJ said...

I should qualify that by saying that the one and only thing the Jets do well is cover the deep sideline pass and that's where the Bears try to do most of their damage.

Hitman said...

Actually, the Bears play best when Cutler is hitting his wideouts and TE on 6-12 yard routes. The offense is geared primarily toward passing efficiency. Although the Knox TD to start the Bears' scoring on this past Monday night matches MJ's description, the real reason that the team scored 40 is because Cutler was deadly accurate on the shorter throws (and because the Bears had a balanced offense...this year, when the Bears run at least 37.5% of the time, they win, and when they don't...they lose.)

Anyway, I've got the Packers, Ravens, Bears, Chiefs, and Broncos.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

My pICKS sucked. Congrats to Hitman for picking correctly most of my misses! MJ also got 3 more right than me, and Mighty 2. That was an awful week for me. Everything went wrong!