Wednesday, December 01, 2010

College Football Trend Watching : The Final Week

Well one week to go. All that's left is championship week. Here are the key games and the scenarios that come out of it....

  • TCU has for all intensive purposes clinched a BCS bid. It will go either to the Rose Bowl or the Mythical Championship game.
  • Stanford by virtue of its #4 ranking will have a BCS bid. It could replace TCU in the Rose Bowl or more likely the Fiesta Bowl will be stuck with them
  • Wisconsin will be going to a BCS bowl..almost assuredly the Rose Bowl
  • Short of some epic weirdness Ohio State will be going to a BCS bowl probably the Sugar Bowl (possibly the Orange Bowl)

Remaining Games/Scenarios
Oregon @ Oregon State - Win and the Ducks are off to the Championship, lose and they are off to the Rose Bowl (probably)

Virginia Tech v. Florida State - Winner gets the ACC spot in the Orange Bowl

Nebraska v. Oklahoma - Winner gets the Big 12 spot in the Fiesta Bowl

UConn @ South Florida - If UConn wins (or West Virginia loses) they win the Big East and go to the Orange Bowl (or Fiesta Bowl). If West Virginia wins and UConn loses then West Virginia wins will go to the Orange Bowl (better traveling fans)

Auburn v. South Carolina - If Auburn wins then Auburn goes the Championship game and Arkansas goes to the Sugar Bowl. If South Carolina wins , they will go to the Sugar Bowl and Auburn could go anywhere from the Championship Game to the Orange Bowl.

Prediction Time 12/1

BCS Championship: Oregon v. Auburn
Orange Bowl : Virginia Tech v. Stanford
Sugar Bowl: Arkansas v. Ohio State
Fiesta: UConn v. Oklahoma
Rose Bowl: TCU v. Wisconsin


Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) go TCU.
2) my game of the week is the big-12 champ game... it looks like a win-and-your-in scenario for the bcs. If you lose... you have no shot of going.
3) i'm rooting for s. carolina to win against auburn, just so i can see how the voters respond. i assume that they leave auburn in the championship game. that's my hunch. the alternative would be TCU. stanford's not an option to pit against oregon bc they are in the same conference.
4) arkansas vs. ohio state would be a really interesting game. i like it.

Hitman said...

If you're right about the BCS bowl lineup - except for the Fiesta Bowl, which would feature yet another decrepit and undeserving Big East team, this is a pretty sweet set of games.

Mighty Mike said...

@Hitman I agree. Ignoring whoever gets stuck with the Big East booby prize there should be some great bowl games. In addition the Capital One Bowl (probably Michigan State and LSU) should make up for whatever bowl game the Big East spoils....