Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Week 13 - I think Cortland Finnegan is a Harry Potter villain

Here we are... the crucial part of the season.

By the way, I have no idea what you have to do to get suspended. If WR Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan (a Harry Potter villain? A Brit?) can rip off their helmets and have a full out fight in the middle of a game and STILL not get suspended... well, there's really nothing you can do to get suspended then. Now, if you break laws, that will still get you suspended.

Anyways, For the last 4 weeks, I've applied the insane "bounce-back theory," to some very positive results. Last week I would have gone 13-3 if CAR made that kick. I'm staying the course, even if it makes no sense.

Manwich Matchup of the Week #1
Pitt @ Baltimore- Baltimore won the 1st game by 3 in Pitt. The Steelers should return the favor.
Pick: Pitt

Manwich Matchup of the Week #2
Jets @ NE - The Jets won the 1st game. The Pats will win the 2nd game.
Pick: NE

Upset of the Week #1
ATL @ Tampa - Tampa lost a close game to Baltimore last week. ATL had an epic win over GB, so it would be only fitting that ATL lose this week now that the press has anointed them the favorites in the NFC.
Pick: Tampa

Upset of the Week #2
Buff @ Minny- Minny got a rare victory last week. Meaning, it's time to lose again!
Pick: Buff

Opening Round Playoff Game #13
Teams that have been eliminated: Cleveland, St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit, Buffalo, Kansas City, San Fran, Denver, Arizona, Carolina, Tennessee, Washington

Dallas @ Indy - Look. If Indy can't win this game, I'm not sure if they are going to survive their division. Plus, Indy has lost two games in a row, so its time to bounce back.
Pick: Indy

Hou@ Philly- Pick: Philly
Cleve@ Miami - Wow. It really is Lebron vs. Cleveland week. Even the Dolphins and Browns are getting in on the action. I think CLE's win last week was too lucky... so they lose this week.
Pick: Miami
Jack @ Tenn - Pick: Jack (Tenn still has no QB)
Denver @ KC- KC will win by 30. Then Denver's coach can return the favor and not shake KC's coach hand.
Pick: KC
Wash @ Giants- Pick: Giants
Chicago @ Detroit - Revenge is sweet... but the Lions can't exact revenge for their week 1 loss (where the refs blew the call) because Detroit is down to QB #3 Drew Stanton.
Pick: Chicago
SF @ GB- Classic bounceback theory game... the Packers lost a close game last week and the 49ers have won a bunch of late.
Pick: GB
NO @ Cincy- Pick: NO (I don't know when the Bungals are winning a game again)
Oak @ SD- Pick: SD
CAR @ Seattle- Pick: Seattle
St. Louis @ Arizona- Pick: St. Louis (they lost their opener to the Cardinals, so they should be able to bounce back now that Sam Bradford is more seasoned).

Last Week: 12-4 (wow)
Season: 104-69
Manwich: 9-3 (ATL beat GB)
Upset of the Week: 9-10 (SD beat Indy; CAR missed the kick against CLE)


Hitman said...

Where to start...

- We disagreee quite a bit. I have Baltimore, the Dirty Birds, the Viqueens, and Tennessee.

- Sorry, but the refs didn't "blow the call" in the first Bears-Lions game. It was a goofy ending, but everybody agreed that the call was a correct interpretation of the rules. I don't think that the rule makes sense as applied, and rest assured that we all know in Chicago that the Bears got away with one...but that's saying something entirely different.

- The Johnson/Finnegan fines are a total joke, as are the multiple fines against Steelers LB James Harrison. There's absolutely no consistency or logic behind the spectrum of penalties imposed this season. Further, the league is way too over-aggressive in penalizing hits even when the hitter clearly didn't intend harm. It's absurd.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) Okay, ok. You are right. The refs got the right call. But the spirit of the rules didn't provide a good outcome in that situation.
2) Goodell is a maniac of arbitrariness. That's why I never liked him. He's judge, jury, and executioner. He's basically the Batman of the sports commissioners. All of Goodell's arbirariness aside, does anyone else agree with me that Andre Johnson's fight was way over the line of reasonableness?

B. Hutchens said...

You are correct in saying that the Bungals will not be winning another game. They have NO, The Steelers, the Browns, the Chargers and the Ravens. Great thing to know that they might be getting another #1 pick that can screw up. Marv Lewis and the entire front office of the Bungals needs to go.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

I had heard Marv Lewis will be gone... and then they will just hire one of his assistants because that is the cheapest thing to do. Not sure if that's true or not.