Monday, November 29, 2010

MMBSD: Coming Into Focus

Due to unfortunate technology problems MMBSD was delayed. Which I suppose is fine as there's lots to talk about. Albeit these are all random....

  • TCU's backup qb is named Yogi Gallegos. Which is awesome. Ok the really big story is TCU is joining the Big East. Theoretically distances aren't that much different from Fort Worth to the East as it is to Boise but the real reason for the changes is BCS money. The Big East needed a big name to avoid being sidelined in the next round of BCS negotiations and TCU saw an easy path to BCS money err glory so it's oddly a perfect match. At least until another conference starts poaching TCU or other Big East teams.
  • The various BCS bowls are coming into focus. TCU will go to the Rose Bowl or Mythical Championship. Stanford, with its #4 ranking, will get an automatic bid, most likely the Fiesta bowl. UConn gets a win and it'll be off somewhere as the Big East Rep. Wisconsin, , and Ohio State will almost assuredly be going to the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl respectively. That leaves a few championship games and a Civil War game to figure out the remaining few spots.
  • In a year where perennial powers took nose dives Jim Tressel's Buckeyes finished with yet another 10 win season, share of the Big 10 title, etc. Partially this is homerism but partially its annoyance that Tressel has never won coach of the year while at tOSU. Kirk Ferentz after losing to Minnesota should have to donate one of his.
  • Is Atlanta the best team in the NFC? Unclear Chicago, Philly, and Green Bay all have legitimate arguments they could be. However Atlanta at home is entirely different beast and given a favorable schedule the aforementioned teams will have to go to Mattie Ice's easy task.
  • I wish I could say why San Diego does this horrible out of the gate and then come on strong each and every year. There's no real reason for it. And yet here we are once again San Diego with a straight shot to the playoffs and once again a dangerous team that can win (or lose) on any given day. I wish I wish I could say why (as I'd bet in Vegas over it)

The Jaro Sisters are supportive of Sweatervests...


B. Hutchens said...

The main reason that I can see that Tressel did not win is primarily because he has coached in Ohio. Ohio the land of miserable weather, headquarters of Aryan nations, a bastion of Glenn Beck lovers, a place that produced Dennis Kucinich AND John Boehner...need I say more.

*Paid for you by former Ohioans that will never return to the state, but will be happy to visit friends and relatives there.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) I love that picture of a tarp with admiral ackbar. its awesome!
2) Big East really got into a bad position with their football performances... and needing to get another team to play football. Oh well. I'm sure the basketball coaches will look forward to beating TCu every season.
3) Tressel rules. He's above coach of the year status because the expectation is that he goes undefeated.