Monday, January 03, 2011

MMBSD: Respawned Meme

Big 10 Fail

Yes the ACC went undefeated before the SEC and the Big 10 dominated the Big 12 but the headlines everywhere the day after new years is Big 10 got destroyed. And they did. 0-5 on New Year's day. They got outscored by the SEC 138-45. The slow , over-rated, awful Big 10 meme is back. There's really not much to say about it other than every Big 10 team will have a ridiculously hard time now getting to the BCS Championship game...and will until they can win in January.....And there's really not much to say beyond that.

Eyes on Harbaugh
The hottest name in the coaching circuit could be Jim Harbaugh. The rumors are unless a NFL can woo him , Harbaugh is heading to that Team Up North (it would seem only fitting if RichRod would end up in Pittsburgh). Now I imagine if Luck returns it's possible Harbaugh would stay but I wouldn't count on it. So as soon as the Orange Bowl is finished watch the rumors and stories to fly.....

NFL Playoffs
Honestly the first round playoff matchups are yawners save for the Eagles - Packers game. The high powered offenses coupled with the inconsistent output makes the game intriguing and unpredictable. But beyond that bring on the next round of the playoffs already...

Quote of the Week
"(Ben Roethlisberger) is just as dangerous as Vick, but from a different standpoint." -- Dan Fouts, 9:48 of 3rd qtr."

Random Hottie of the Week

Umm her ... who's hanging out near my car....


Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) big ten made me sad. it didn't have to be that bad. wisconsin and penn state could have won at least to save some face.
2) everybody loves harbaugh for some reason. what is it about succeeding at stanford that does that? let's just hope he does better than ty willingham did when he left stanford for a sub-par notre dame expeience.
3) eagles-packers could have been the nfc championship game... it's going to be a great game to watch to see who pulls through. i think either team is capable of running to the super bowl.

Hitman said...

Big 10 embarrassed itself on Saturday. Then again, a team that can't even win half of its conference games (Michigan, Northwestern) shouldn't be playing on New Year's Day just because they beat up on four non-conference patsies to go 7-5.

I keep hearing that Hairball is the #1 target of the 49ers. Gotta believe he'll go to the NFL first before going to any college, Ann Arbor or otherwise.

I'm excited for the first-round matchups. Jets-Colts ought to be fun; I'm excited to see if KC is legit against what I think is a better Ravens team; and if Seattle somehow upends the Saints, that'll be big news.

MJ said...

1) I've said it a million times: non-BCS bowl games are about revenue. The fact that Michigan only won 7 games and half of its conference matches doesn't mean they shouldn't be playing on New Year's Day. They're playing on New Year's Day because they have a very large and loyal fanbase that tunes in and/or travels well. That UM got smoked in their bowl game doesn't mean they didn't belong there, only that they weren't as good as their opponent. We shouldn't be surprised by the result; UM wasn't good all season long.

2) I actually disagree that Harbaugh would pick an NFL job over a college job. I think it'll depend on the job itself. The 49ers job may afford him the luxury of remaining in the same general geographic environment but it's a terrible job with no record of stability since the team fired Steve Mariucci after the 2002 season (a new coach every 2.6 seasons). There isn't a viable QB on the roster and there is no greater obstacle to NFL head coaching success than inconsistency at the QB position. If Harbaugh gets a decent NFL offer he might consider it but if he's weighing Ann Arbor vs. the 49ers, the Wolverines are the far better option.

Hitman said...

@MJ: I'm not disputing why Michigan was playing in a New Year's Day bowl game. Of course it's about money, because - as you note - UM wasn't actually a good team this year. That's exactly my point. The Wolverines didn't deserve the mantle of being a "bowl team", much less one that played on January 1 (a distinction that used to mean something, before the big bowls got scheduled for the following week).

Bowl games are all about money, and that's unfortunate. They should also be about rewarding legitimately good teams for good seasons. But those days - if they ever existed - are long gone, and so we can all get pumped for Thursday's bowl between Middle Tennessee and Miami of Ohio...that is, if you still have any energy after the riveting Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl between Army and SMU.


MJ said...

I'm not following why UM didn't deserve to be a bowl team? There was a bowl and they were selected for it.

If you don't think the bowl game UM played in is meaningful then you shouldn't watch it. If you only care about the "meaningful" bowl games, well, you know which ones those are (Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, BCS Championship).

I've never understood why people get so upset about the number of bowl games on TV. No one has to watch them if they don't want to. It's just a chance for a school to get on TV in order to help with recruiting, etc.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) I agree w/ MJ. Bowl games are about money... and with Michigan not being on for a while, of course they were on New Year's day.
2) being a bowl team hasn't met something in a while. For example, this year, only 2 teams with .500 or above records FAILED to go to a bowl. All you have to do is get to .500 and then you are going... which is a little more than half the teams, since 6-6 gets to party.
3) I also agree with MJ about the number of bowl games. I don't watch many of them, but it's a chance for schools of all level to showcase themselves and for their alumni to party. I don't see anything wrong with this. Yes, a long time ago, there only were like 5 games, but the times have changed. I think this also gets into personal prefernce, so I respect Hitman's position, I just am fine with 6-6 bowl teams or better.

Hitman said...

Like I said, you can enjoy the Armed Forces Bowl or the Bowl or the Mikey Makes a Porno and Pancakes Bowl if you so please. Not for mine. I don't find any pleasure in rewarding mediocrity.

Mighty Mike said...

I just want to be clear that my bowl only sponsors pancakes.I may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a communist, but I am not a porn star!

MJ said...

I still don't see how it's rewarding mediocrity. These aren't championship games, after all. Who is being rewarded? Do the winners of these bowls you loathe get rewards? It actually costs these teams money to travel to some of these games, after all.