Monday, January 17, 2011

MMBSD: Divisional Playoffs

Well the group of 4 by in large lived up to the billings. We asked who were the best teams in the league and by weekends end the answer was pretty clear. Or at least theoretically

1) Green Bay Dominated Atlanta - Aaron Rogers, who once upon the time dropped like a rock in the draft, sliced and diced Atlanta's D while Mattie Ice looked pedestrian at best. I'm not entirely sure where Atlanta goes after a loss like that. Green Bay was hyped as a Super Bowl contender at the start of the year and they are rounding into shape.

2) Chicago steamrolled Seattle - Ignore the final score...this game wasn't that close. By the the time Seattle woke up the game was out of reach. It will go down as either one of the great mysteries or disappointments how New Orleans lost to this Seattle team. Just perplexed.

3) Jets beat the Pats - Fatty McFatster waddled his Jets to victory. The Patriots couldn't get their offense rolling until later. I think a bigger thing is that the Patriots made a ton of uncharacteristic mistakes. 66 yards of penalties, a Brady INT, dropped passes, Belichek pooped on the sideline. Not sure if the week off hurt the Patriots, the Jets got in their head, the position of Mars/Jupiter but this was a very sloppy Pats team.

4) Roethlisberger Defeats Karma- You'd think at some point Karma would catch up to Roethlisberger. My head still hurts when people say Ben led the Steelers to two super bowls. Theoretically that's correct but I don't think I've ever seen as bad of QBing on a winning team by Roethsliberger in a Super Bowl ever. Nonetheless Roethslisberger has the Ravens and Karma's number and he's moving on.

At the end of the day we have 2 very physical games awaiting us for the Championship. And if your me you hate both of the teams in the AFC.
College Basketball
As MMBSD pivots to college basketball season it's time to check in with the new #1 team in the country. Ohio State...better known around these parts as the Mattavests. Yes Jared Sullinger is that good. I dare anyone to remember a better Freshman low post player in the past decade, As important but under the radar is Freshman PG Aaron Craft. He's outside shooting, playmaking and defense are actually just as important as Sullinger's command of the low post.

The other major conference undefeated team is Kansas. For those unaware Kansas has won 69 straight games at home (that's not a joke btw but yes I giggled at that fact). KU is also led by the Morris twin brothers (Marcus and Markieff). The 6'9 forwards are scoring and rebounding machines. Keep on an eye on these two as they may be headed to the March Madness Finals....

Random MMBSD Gal o' Week: Melissa Satta


Hitman said...

Since I'm not a Clevelander, I don't hate the contrary, I have tremendous respect for the entire organization. On that level, and especially considering how detestable the loudmouth Jets have become, I am rooting hard for the Steelers. But the Jets are a much better match for the Bears. Therein lies the dilemma...if, that is, the Bears can get past the Pack. You said it best: GB was a title contender in August and they sure look like they're firing on all cylinders now.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) I know how seattle beat new orleans: a) hasseleck played perfectly. b) jenkins was out for the saints and his replacement wasn't ready. c) marshawn lynch had the touhdown run of a lifetime. d) seattle's unreal homefield advantage.
2) i dislike 3 of the 4 remaining NFL teams... hoping green bay makes it through so that I have someone to root for in the super bowl.

MJ said...

1) Belichick got outcoached by his obese, toe-sucking counterpart and Brady got outplayed by the Jets defense. There's just no other way to say it. This wasn't about luck or too much time off or being intimidated by trash-talk, this was about Belichick and Brady picking the wrong day to be far below their best.

2) I'll certainly buy that Roethlisberger didn't play well in Super Bowl XL but I don't accept that he didn't play well in Super Bowl XLIII. 21-for-30 with 256 yards and the game-winning TD pass is a pretty darn good game to me.

3) The Seahawks suck and the Saints should feel lousy that they let a great opportunity go to waste.

4) I only dislike the Jets. I'm ambivalent about the Bears. I respect the Steelers and, now that Favre is finally gone from Green Bay, it's easy to like the Packers.

5) My preseason pick was Packers-Steelers so I'm hoping that's what comes out of this weekend. But, honestly, as long as the Jets don't win, I don't really care what happens.

6) If only we could fast-forward to March. Try as I might, I just can't get into the college basketball regular season (or even the conference tournaments). The quality and enjoyment of the "Madness" is so thorough that it totally overshadows the 30+ games that come before it.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

2) I agree with MJ. Roethlisberger sucked in the 1st super bowl win, but was good in the 2nd super bowl win.
5) that's amazing if MJ hits his preseason picks. I had Falcons-Ravens. Messed that up.