Sunday, January 09, 2011

MMBSD: NFL Playoffs in Full Swing

Well in the first week of the playoffs we witnessed a series of close and sometimes surprising results. The one boring by the book game was the Ravens brutalizing the Chiefs who skated into the playoffs with the easiest schedule this side of Seattle.

Most Surprising
Goes to the Seahawks victory over the Saints. I think underplayed in all of this is how crucial the loss of Malcom Jenkins was to the Saints. The middle of the field was open all day and Hasselbeck exploited the Saints to know end. That said I'll be even more surprised if the Seahawks can win on the road

Goes to the Jets victory over Indy. Normally I hate playing the what if game and saying why one team won and another lost but the Colts usage of the timeout and decision to repeatedly run rather than pass in the red zone makes one wonder...what if the Colts went for the jugular or had decent time management.

Most Significant
In single elimination formats its always tricky (and unwise) to say something is actually significant. However the Packers usage of Starks and therefore discovery of a running game might be fairly significant. The Packers' offense has lacked a consistent ground game for a while. If the Packers are able to marry its quick strike offense with a way to manage the clock the Packers will surely be a formidable opponent for the Falcons.

College Football
Just a quick note on That Team Up North's search. Without trolling too much I'm a little surprised at the interest in Les Miles. Miles' credentials aside...the man is 57. How much longer can he coach (don't answer that JoePa) and is it a good idea bringing in a head coach that might well retire in 5-6 years (knowing that recruiting is done with a 4 year window in mind)?

Not to be conspiratorial or anything but the latest Melo to New Jersey rumors involve including Detroit in it. Why Detroit? Well Melo's agent (Leon Rose/Worldwide Wes) also represents Rip Hamilton who is rumored to be included in the New Jersey deal. Not to say the deal will happen but it seems like Worldwide Wes is making the NBA go round this days. I can't imagine David Stern is too thrilled about that.


B. Hutchens said...

Here are my thoughts on the UM coaching search. I think there is a battle between two factions in the who should be hire camp. Many people don't like Hoke because he doesn't have a successful record at BG or SDS. But he did turn them around in the last year. With Miles, he has won a national championship, has a great winning record in a major conference (albeit many think he won the championship with Nick Saban's recruits) and also eats grass.

I am actually in favor of Hoke. I think that he REALLY wants to coach UM, knows the tradition, knows defense (was the d-line coach under Carr when they co won the National Championship), was born in Dayton Ohio, just like this blogger and currently runs the spread which would help retain Denard Robinson. But he is also 52, so one could say that he would be too old as well.

Hitman said...

" How much longer can he coach (don't answer that JoePa) and is it a good idea bringing in a head coach that might well retire in 5-6 years (knowing that recruiting is done with a 4 year window in mind)?"

I'm not sure this is much of a factor. Schools want to win and (even more importantly) to bring in the bucks. Consider also that perhaps what Michigan needs even more than a title is a return to prominence. If Miles could help re-establish the Maize and Blue as a powerhouse in the next 4-6 years, and then leaves...that ought to be sufficient. Considering that there isn't an immediate (or sure-fire) alternative that can accomplish those ends and stick around for 10+ years, why not Miles?

Very hard to see Seattle win again, but they did draw the other NFC playoff team that nobody could foresee getting to the Super Bowl. The 'Hawks beat the Bears in October, but that was a much different Bears team - the offensive plan was atrocious and Cutler and Martz weren't in sync. But if Seattle can beat the high-powered Saints, they certainly have a shot against Chicago.

I think all four home teams will win this weekend. I also think that the Jets may be the last team that can beat the Pats (they seem to play tough against their archrivals).

MJ said...

I could see the Jets beating New England. I truly hope it doesn't happen. Rex Ryan is an arrogant, grotesque, toe-sucking buffoon and I'd love to have his fat face silenced this weekend.

I don't care if the Seahawks beat the Saints, they're not beating the Bears. The Seahawks suck. Plain and simple. That the Saints lost to them is disgraceful.

Mighty Mike said...

"If Miles could help re-establish the Maize and Blue as a powerhouse..."

I should have been more clear but I was trying to connect the age and the ability to have success. Not knowing if a coach will around for four years has the potential to hurt recruiting, attract quality assistants, etc, etc. College football has oddly long windows given the 4-6 years a high schooler is being expected to commit to and therefore hiring someone who's own timeline is shorter than that can be problematic. Not to say Miles will be a failure at LSU or elsewhere but hiring a coach that's older in college football is risky at achieving the first order proposition of winning.

B. Hutchens said...

I agree with you about the age and honestly am pushing for someone a bit younger. However there are a couple of coaches that just keep on going. Steve Spurrier is older than my dad (65) and he keeps on going along. If they could get 10 years out of Miles, I would think that might be a good thing. However I am not an expert at this mess and they could come around and sign Lou Holtz to be the coach and I wouldn't be surprised.