Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Way too Early Look at the Big 10 For 2011

Last week I noted that really none of the Big 10 teams have a great chance at a national championship run. I stand by that but here's a little food for thought on why that might be the case.

Nebraska - Nebraska returns a powerful defense led by the D line. However the offense loses 6 starters (including 3 o-linemen), faces real defenses (as opposed to the Big 12 versions), and has a QB and a coach at odds with one another. Factor in probably the toughest Big 10 schedule and it's hard to imagine an undefeated season.

Ohio State - The Buckeyes also lose a lot. Even ignoring the 5 starters sitting for the first 4-5 games, tOSU will have to replace 7 starters on D. The biggest question is who will be the starter while TP sits. The Buckeyes have to face @Miami and MSU while they have the suspended players sit.

Wisconsin - Wisconsin will have to replace the heart of their offense in they lose their QB, RB, and best 3 o-linemen. However Wisconsin seems to never miss a beat running the ball so the question is will they have any kind of threat passing.

Michigan State - MSU took a huge step forward during the regular season before being embaressed by Alabama. The biggest loss is all everything Greg Jones who led the team in tackles the past 4 years. Beyond that a lot of losses on the o-line. Can anyone really predict what the Spartans will do next year?

Hokemania - No Big 10 returns as many starters as TTUN. 9 starters on offense (including Shoelaces) and 7 on defense (including best d-linemen in the league next year Mike Martin). However the Wolverines have a long way to go to reach contender status and sometimes players take awhile to adjust to a new coaching staff/schemes.

Iowa - Iowa really get's gutted. They lose first rounder Clayborn, their QB, their RB, both WRs, and a slew of defensive players. And now 12 players were hospitalized for exertional rhabdomyolysis and yes there will be an investigation over that one.

Penn State - Had a disappointing 7-5 season and loses their best 3 o-lineman. The biggest question is the QB position will it be the former walk-on McGloin or the uber-heralded Boldin at QB. And will either actually be good?

So in summary can you pick out the favorite? I can't.....


B. Hutchens said...

Fight for the rights, fight for your life....


Gutsy Goldberg said...

i love that hulk hogan song. I sing it from time to time when I need to get pumped up, no joke.
"Are you a real American, fight for the rights of every man..."

Anyway, this article made me depressed about the big 10 season. I just hope someone steps forward in some non-conference wins.

Hitman said...

You talk a big game now...but what ARE you going to do when Hokeamania runs wild on you?