Thursday, January 20, 2011

NFL's Final Four

Here we are... an unexpected final 4 for the NFL!

Jets @ Pitt - These are two of my least favorite teams. However, despite my personal hatred, these two teams have been among the best all season long (along with the Ravens and the Patriots who lost last week). I think one of the more interesting things about this matchup is how the Steelers dealt WR Santonio Holmes away due to his behavior problems... but he's on the Jets now. I think Santonio Holmes is destined to have a superb game against his old team. However, in the end, I unfortunately believe that the Steelers homefield advantage will be too much to overcome, resulting in the Steelers going to yet another Super Bowl. Gag me.
Pick: Pitt

Packers @ Bears - Well, the Bears keep marching on. Here they are, amongst the final 4, due to a stunning turn of events (i.e. the Eagles losing to the Vikings at the end of the season, giving the Bears homefield, then the 7-9 Seahawks beating the Saints and going to Chicago to get pummeled). I haven't taken the Bears seriously all season. It's like I have a mental block. So... this week, we will compare stats to see if I'm in any way justified for not taking them seriously.
Packers: 9th in yards per game (358.1 ypg)
Bears: 30th in yards per game (289.4 ypg)
Packers: 5th in yards per game allowed (309.1 ypg)
Bears: 9th in yards per game allowed (314.3 ypg)

Packers: +10
Bears: +4

Punt Returns:
Bears: 1st (17.1 avg - Hester)
Packers: 20th (7.9 avg)

KO Returns:
Bears: 2nd (26.5 avg)
Packers: 25th (20.1 avg)

So... the Bears are awesome in special teams... and suck in most everything else.

Pick: Packers


Hitman said...

Gutsy, you ignorant slut...your Bears hatred has gotten tiresome and has gotten to the point that your analysis is blatantly faulty.

Please tell me how being 9th in yards allowed on defense - and 4th in points allowed (oh, you forgot that, didn't you?) - squares with your assertion that the Bears "suck in most everything else." That just doesn't make any sense.

And had you bothered to actually think about this, or perhaps even watched a Bears game or two, you'd see that the team that started a shaky 4-3 changed things up in October and then went on a 7-2 run that included wins over the Jets and Eagles. You'd also see that the Bears have scored 35+ points in three of their last four games.

Also, consider the Final 4's regular season records against other playoff teams: Pitt 2-4, Jets 2-4, Bears 3-3, Packers 3-3. Please tell me how somehow the Bears - who seem to have held their own against the league's best - are so awful.

But you're not interested in actually engaging in any thoughtful analysis, so you cherry-pick vapid statistics without even understanding them and then declare how right you've been about a team that went 11-5, #2 in the NFC, beating some pretty good teams along the way. Yeah, you sure "justified" your stance. Nice work.


Now having said all of that, Green Bay is a better overall football team and though I'd love to see a Bears win, I think the Packers will probably pull a win out on Sunday.

In any event, whoever wins the AFC title, I hope they pull a LeBron and unfold a Cleveland Browns flag at midfield after the game and then take a big dump on it. And then mail it to your mom.

MJ said...

This is definitely an easy week for me as I detest the Jets but have no ill will towards the other three teams. For that reason, I'm just hoping the Steelers win and the Packers/Bears give us a thriller for the ages.

My heart picks: Steelers/Packers
My head picks: Jets/Packers
My gut picks: Jets/Bears

My final picks: Jets/Packers

I'm terribly afraid that my preseason pick of Steelers-Packers will collapse this weekend under the weight of Rex Ryan's flabby buttocks. Oh that it wouldn't be so but Roethlisberger plays behind a porous offensive line and the Jets managed to get to Tom Brady last week without blitzing or rushing more than 4 guys. And with the way the Jets secondary has played against the Colts and Patriots, I have to imagine that they can handle the Steelers too. Ugh. Nightmare.

Last week: 3-1
Playoffs: 6-2

Mighty Mike said...

I'm pretty sure it's illegal to use the federal postal system to send human waste to individuals or at least to do so on national tv.

My head says Steelers- Packers
My gut says Steelers - Bears

Head wins out Steelers v. Packers Super Bowl.

MJ said...

@Mighty: I think you're right. However, I believe sending animal waste is legally permitted. There is a vendor (link below) that will send parcels of smelly animal poo in the mail to friend or foe.

I've never actually used this service. I personally prefer to use my own brand (for budget reasons).

Gutsy Goldberg said...


I apologize. I think I've just been frustrated with the Bears all season. In the end, having Mike Martz and Jay Cutler clicking together has proven to be successful. You actually raise a good point about their 2nd half play. After their bye week, they went 7-2. They scored a lot of points most weeks (outside of the snowy New England game, and the last game of the season when they didn't exactly have much motivation). You raise fair points. My hating the Bears has become an old thing, and I'm sorry. Please don't send me any poop. Your verbal thrashing was enough punishment.

Also... I wasn't meaning to cherry pick stats. I was just trying to show that the Packers look statistically superior (outside of special teams). Of course the Bears have a great defense and special teams which is a successful formula for winning. I never meant anything personal about the Bears, I've just continually underestimated them.

Hitman said...

"Please don't send me any poop. Your verbal thrashing was enough punishment."

This made me laugh so much, you are forgiven. (No apology was necessary...I don't take your stance personally, but I'll call anyone here to the mat if I see the need.)