Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Ding Dong Rich is Dead

So finally there has been a press conference and Rich Rod is no longer the coach of the Michigan Wolverines. I have to say that I was slightly hopefully that he would be able to come into Ann Arbor and bring his style of play to beat up on the other teams in the Big 10 and retain prominence in the Big 10. I unfortunately was incorrect, this was a cluster from the beginning. Rich Rod lead this team from ranking in the top of defense to a bottom dweller. Hopefully the new coach will be able to instill that smashmouth defensive oriented football back into the winningness football team. I don't care if it is Hoke who I actually tend to like. Not just because he looks like a combination of Bluto from Animal House and Mike Golic.

Maybe they will ask Tom Brady to come back from the Pats and be a player/coach just like Pete Rose did in 1986 or they will look to see if Gary Moeller is still available. Maybe they go to Lez Miles and throw money at him. I really just hope that they find someone that knows the Michigan tradition, wins without breaking the rules, doesn't allow players to drive around in "loaner" cars from the local car dealerships, and can beat the crap out of OSU in November. I think those are the most important characteristics for UM in the future and beyond.

On a side note, I am still waiting for the call Mr. Brandon...I will bring back Touchdown Tim Biakabatuka.

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

as a buckeyes fan, i still have nightmares about Tim Biakabatuka!

The Rich Rod saga is over... it will be interesting to see who Michigan throws their money at now.