Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Open Letter to the New York Jets

Dear New York Jets,

Please shut the F up. Do you know how hard it is to get the rest of the country to cheer for New England? And yet you're making it very easy for us to root for Brady & Co. to stomp you like they did in your last meeting.

So shut your pieholes and focus on getting ready for the game. Your jobs are to play football, not to run your mouths.


NFL Fans Everywhere


MJ said...

Allow me to the lone contrarian here: I am rooting for the Patriots. I was rooting for the Patriots before every single Jet with a voicebox started chirping. I'll be rooting for the perpetuity.

When it comes to Jets/Patriots, I only know of one satisfactory outcome: a Patriots victory.

Fuck the Jets, fuck their mediocre history, fuck their toe-sucking head coach that had a gastric bypass and still manages to be a flabby bastard, fuck all their hoodlum thug players and fuck their fans.

I hope Tom Brady and Bill Belichick mop the floor with "Gangrene" so we can have a little peace and quiet.

MJ said...

Oops, typo...

*I'll be rooting for them in perpetuity every time they play the Jets.

Hitman said...

@MJ: You don't count. You're a NYG fan. Of course you were already rooting for the Pats.

MJ said...

@Hitman: I'm a New Yorker and I hate everything -- literally everything -- associated with the city of Boston, the State of Massachusetts and the region of New England. I don't root for their sports teams, I don't like their citizens and I think their accents are absurd.

I'm rooting for the Patriots only because I hate Rex Ryan with the same passion that I hate the Eagles and Cowboys. Before Rex, the Jets were never on my radar.