Sunday, January 30, 2011

MMBSD: Super Bowl Week

Well one more week of football for possibly a long time. So might as well as enjoy it while you can.

Random Superbowl Thoughts:
1) I'll give my prediction later in the week but a player I think might end up making a big difference that people aren't talking about it Heath Miller - Steelers TE. The Packers have had trouble covering TEs this year and Miller is among the best in the league.

2) Don't underestimate the loss of Pouncey to the Steelers. The Packers' D is similar to Pittsburgh of having a variety of looks and blitz schemes and it had been the Pro Bowler's duties to make the o-line calls .

3) There are rumors floating that Heinz Ward will retire after the Super Bowl.

Random NFL Thoughts
1) Someone has to say it so I will Bud Adams, owner of the Titans is a crazy old man. Maybe not Al Davis crazy but certainly get off my lawn crazy. I'm not criticizing getting rid of Jeff Fisher. Well maybe a little. but how in the world is the timing defensible? It's just not...

Random NCAA Basketball Thoughts

1) What to make of St. John's win over Duke? Well at a fundamental level it helps the Big East get extra bids for the tourney and hurts the ACC (although at this point its kind of at the margins). Duke has already been exposed to be vulnerable without their star freshman PG. Which leaves a big question mark on how the win (now #3 over ranked opponents for Steve Lavin) influences St. John's potential return to Big East powerhouse? Not sure but we'll see pretty quickly how it affects recruiting.

2) The only other team beside Duke in the ACC that might make some tournament waves is UNC. UNC is slowly improving led by two freshmen who have not lived up their billings...yet. While the headliner is Harold Barnes...the PG Marshall will be equally important to how far they can go.

3) tOSU still undefeated. At this stage it's pretty easy to say this is the best offensive team that Thad Matta has put together.


Hitman said...

"One more week of football for possibly a long time."

"Possibly"? Not even my Canuck in-laws care about the CFL. If you start blogging about the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, I'm outta here.

Mighty Mike said...

The possibly was in reference to the looming lockout . As in the longer time frame than normal.

Also there will be no disparaging of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and their top flight QB - Darian Durant.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) bud adams lost it. the timing is awful. and supposedly, the firing was due in part over the rule that bud adams didn't want jeff fisher to place his son on the staff, because of bud adams staunch refusal against nepotism. standing by your principles is one thing... but he should have just let it slide until the end of next season. gotta pick your battles.
2) st. john's apparently... has the #2 recruiting class next season! Steve Lavin is kickin butt at st. john's.
3) let's not forget about florida state. they have multiple big-men and play great defense... but can't play offense at all. thus, they've beaten duke... but also lost to some awful teams.
4) this OSU team is fun to watch, that's for sure. i think even non-buckeye fans would say that. it's not often you have a player in college with a full arsenal of back to the basket post moves, let alone that player being a freshman (sullinger).

Hitman said...

Ah. I see. My apologies, sort of. Well, not really.

No way there's a lockout or strike.