Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Virginia Tech Returns From Whence It Came

Virginia Tech started the season failing on a national stage before collapsing soon after. Last night they returned to those origins of sucking when the spotlight was brightest. As bad as the ACC was , it's still hard to believe Virginia Tech went undefeated in conference play. How did they do this? I suppose ultimately it doesn't matter as V-Tech still can't beat a decent team and they will be remembered this season as the last Harbaugh's Stanford win.


MJ said...

Last night's game demonstrates (to me) the fallacy of preseason rankings. Virginia Tech was overrated to begin the season, their generous ranking helped to over-inflate Boise State's obnoxious self-image and, at the end of the day, we saw how poor a team the Hokies are against decent competition.

Let's do away with pre-season rankings so we don't have to bother with teams like VT ever again.

B. Hutchens said...

I have to disagree about it being the last Harbaugh game. I think he sticks around Stanford with Luck.