Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Say Hello To the New Boss,

Same as the old one. Another year another Mythical championship goes to the SEC. At this point even the most partisian non-SEC have to admit that the combination of demographics, resources, institutional advantages (over-signing, lower admission standards, medical hardship usage to free up roster spots,) gives the SEC an advantage that allows it to lord over the rest of College Football. Perhaps following the 2nd Northern migration things will change but until then all hail the next Southern denizen champion, Auburn.


MJ said...

I refuse to hail the south under any circumstances. Fuck the south and fuck the SEC.

The consolation prizes, of course, are the following:

1) I assume that in a few years' time, this title will be vacated due to NCAA infractions that will be discovered in due course; and

2) No one in the SEC can actually read. As such, those that don't go on to play pro football will be stuck being the potato chip checker or the jelly bean picker in some unskilled factory job.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) I also refuse to acknowledge the SEC as being dominant. They've just been lucky in a very rapid fashion. In addition, Oregon could have easily won last night's game.
2) I hate the SEC. bahumbug