Wednesday, January 05, 2011

OSU Defeats Pigs, Defends Big 10

In a night of emotional highs and lows, Ohio State ended up the victor over Arkansas. After probably the darkest New Year's day in the history of the Big 10, it was down to the Buckeyes. I'll be honest after the punt block I blacked out but when I came to the Buckeyes had won, Pryor was Sugar Bowl MVP, and the SEC a least for a night had to shut up about Big 10 speed. Also as a semi-follower of Kosher Laws I feel its important that people who dress like pigs should never be happy.


Gutsy Goldberg said...

wow. what an up and down game! can't believe how easily the buckeyes could score in the 1st half... and how hard it was to get any 1st downs in the 2nd half. Plus, I have to say it, but that arkansas safety was one of the worst calls i've ever seen in my life. forward progress had the RB on the 2, and instead they gave a safety. despite the refs efforts, the buckeyes were able to prevail. go big 10 and go buckeyes!

MJ said...

Agreed on the bad call resulting in a safety. This game was definitely a roller coaster and I'm glad the good guys came out on top.

For whatever flaws Terrelle Pryor may have as a person (to say nothing of his flaws as an NFL prospect), this much is undeniable: he's been an exceptional college QB in big games. He's 3-0 vs. Michigan, 2-1 in BCS bowl games and his performance in the past two postseasons have been impeccable.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

I forgot to mention that too... Pryor really does rise to the occassion. It's actually quite incredible really.

I keep thinking he's a WR/TE in the NFL. He's not smart enough or quick enough reading defenses to be an NFL QB. But good luck to Pryor no matter if he just goes to the draft anyways this year, or sticks it out for another year.

Hitman said...

In fairness, as much as I hate to say it, going 3-0 against the Maize and Blue isn't too impressive.

MJ said...

@Gutsy: I'm not sure he's fast enough to be a WR in the NFL because he doesn't have a burst off the line of scrimmage from a dead stop. The guys calling the game made that same point, saying something to the effect of how he picks up speed as he gets going but that he's slow off the line. For that reason, I can't see him making it at WR if he can be jammed before he can turn upfield.

As far as Pryor being a TE in the NFL, it will depend on his pass-catching ability (something we just don't know about yet) and his ability to showcase at least token blocking skills. If he can't show enough strength and ability to block, he can't be drafted as a TE.

Realistically, I think Pryor enters the draft as a QB prospect, gets taken in the 6th or 7th round and gets put on the practice squad for a few years. The Giants did this with Oklahoma QB Rhett Bomar (the guy that got kicked out of school for having a no-show job at a car dealership) and I assume Bomar will probably be promoted from the practice squad next season.

@Hitman: Of course it's impressive. Winning big games counts in your favor, even if the opponent isn't a good football team.