Friday, January 07, 2011

Welcome to the 2010 NFL Playoffs!

It's finally time for the NFL Playoffs!

Just for a refresher, I have a lot of bizarre NFL situations that I keep track of... let's see what applies this year:

4-KC vs 5-Baltimore - I don't consider KC to be a threat at all.
Pick: Baltimore

3-Indy vs. 6-Jets - I've been going back and forth on this for a while... but I think the Jets are going to push through only because the Colts defense is very suspect and the Colts are missing a lot of WRs.
Pick: Jets

4-Seattle vs. 5-New Orleans - Honestly, the Seahawks are a terrible team... but the homefield advantage is immense, and the Saints are without some RBs. However, I'm still picking the Saints, even though the Saints did win their one matchup during the season.
Pick: New Orleans

3-Philly vs. 6-Green Bay - This is the game that could easily be the NFC Championship game, but instead it's an opening round game! Green Bay beat Philly in week 1 by knocking out Kolb... then barely survived a Vick comeback. While this is a must-see game where anything can happen, I think Vick and the Eagels will find a way in this showdown. Plus, the Packers coach just inherently sucks in close games.
Pick: Philly

Now I’m going to pick the whole playoff tree, but I’ll be back each week to pick the matchups. So, it’s time to get to what I’m seeing in my crystal ball (which never actually happens)…

1-New England vs. 6-Jets - They split during the season, each winning at home. I just don't think the Jets have the firepower to keep pace.
Pick: New England

2-Pittsburgh vs. 5-Baltimore - Each team won on the road this year, splitting the series. The Steelers won the last game. I have no idea how you decide between these teams, but this is the year of the Harbaugh I think...
Pick: Baltimore

1-New England vs. 5-Baltimore - New England won during the season, but got destroyed last year in the playoffs. Can magic happen twice? I'm not sure.
Pick: New England

1-ATL vs. 5-New Orleans - Each team won on the road during the season. I'm not sure what's going to happen this time around. I have to think the Falcons find a way this time, especially with the Saints having injury problems at the RB position.
Pick: ATL

2-Chicago vs 3-Philly - Philly will win. I still haven't respected the Bears all season. Philly lost during the season, so it's time for some redemption!
Pick: Philly

1-ATL vs. 3-Philly - The game we've all been waiting for... Vick's magical return to ATL! In the playoffs no less! There will be a lot of fanfare with this game. I think the Eagles are best when Vick is on his game, and I think Vick will be very determined in this game to stick it to his old team.
Pick: Philly

Super Bowl
NE vs. Philly - I think the Eagles are going to shock everyone and make the Pats lose in the Super Bowl, just like in 2007.
Pick: Philly

Last Week: 13-3
Season: 159-97 (corrected for some errors)
Manwich: 10-8 (seahawks beat the rams to finish 7-9 and make the playoffs, though that's not what I picked)
Upset of the Week: 9-9 (the raiders did it! beat the chiefs to finish 6-0 in the division, and just 8-8 overall, and not qualify for the playoffs!)


MJ said...

NFL Opening Week Playoffs:

I'm taking the Jets, Saints, Ravens and Packers.

-I wish the Colts could beat the Jets but I think the Colts suck this year.
-I agree that PHI/GB is the game of the week. I'm picking with my heart here because I realize the Eagles are a better team and should win this game. But I hate Michael Vick so much that I am honestly rooting for the Packers to grind him down into a fine powder.

Big Picture:
Steelers-Packers was my preseason Super Bowl pick and I'm sticking to it.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

-I also hate the Jets... but I also think the Colts are just weak this year.

-I forgot about my preseason pick. My pick was actually Ravens over Falcons. It's possible that could happen, because the Ravens owned the Patriots in the playoffs last season. We shall see, I went in a different direction now.

Mighty Mike said...

I'll pick Colts, Saints, Ravens, and Eagles. Umm just to be different...