Tuesday, November 16, 2010

John Connor Series: Week 12 of College Football

The machines will never stop fighting so the humans can't either...that is at ranking college football teams. As such here it is

NameSOSBest Wins
1. Auburn72.38LSU, SoCar, Arkansas, MissState

2. Oregon74.55Stanford, USC

3. Wisconsin66.66tOSU, Iowa
4. LSU73.6Alabama, Miss StateAuburn
5. TCU67.82Baylor, Utah
6. Boise66.69V-Tech

7. MSU68.56Wisconsin, Illinois
8. Nebraska70.47Missouri, Ok State,K-StateTexas
9. Stanford76.58Arizona, USC
10. Ok St72.74Baylor, K-State, Tex A&MNebraska
11 Ohio State66.45 Miami, Penn State
12 Alabama75.51Arkan, Florida, Miss StSouth Car, LSU

  • The biggest drop goes to TCU. a close game, a loss by Utah to Notre Dame, and a loss by Baylor to A&M. The result was that what were impressive wins now look tame in comparison. I'm still having a hard time ranking Boise v. TCU but ultimately decided with the number of victories over Boise's sole win.
  • tOSU and Ok State have the potential to leap ahead. Ok State has it's arch-rival Oklahoma and a potential rematch against Nebrask . Ohio State has it's arch-rival (TSUN) and a showdown at Iowa this week.
  • I'm still having trouble with Nebraska...it's one loss is looking worse and worse (Texas might not make a bowl) although the corresponding rise of Ok State is balancing that loss somewhat.

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Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) wow. good call on TCU. those losses by utah and baylor definitely hurt them in the computers (even if most humans other than John Connor have forgotten).
2) I'm just chalking Nebraska's loss to Texas as one of those rivalry-type losses. Nebraska is still a great team.