Monday, November 22, 2010

MMBSD: Rivalry Week

Pro Football

  • It's that time of year when you can see the hand writing on the walls for coaches being fired. The Marvin Lewis era is all but certain to be finished following an amazing implosion against Buffalo. Minnesota's blow out loss to Green Bay should put an end to the Chilly era. Dare we hope Favre is on his way out also?
  • Pittsburgh demolition of Oakland is oddly impressive. Oddly because who would've thought Oakland was good. But Pittsburgh thoroughly dominated Oakland in every way imaginable. The victory I think should put the Steelers back into the conversation about best team in the AFC despite their loss last week to New England.
  • I have to admit I think it's distinctly possible that the NFC West will be won with a .500 record. It doesn't matter how hard that really is to achieve these teams are so bad, umm why not?

College Football
  • It's hard to say anything this week really changed much of anything. Yes Nebraska's outside chance at the BCS title went down the drain but it was a very long shot. Instead we are left with rivalry week playing a pivotal role in the BCS title game, BCS spots, division titles, etc. Alabama can thwart archrival Auburn's shot at BCS glory. Same with Oregon State v. Oregon (well next week theoritically). Oklahoma can keep Oklahoma State from winning it's first Big 12 South title. M*ch*g*n can halt OSU's string of Big 10 titles. Game after game last week, rivalry game, huge stakes. As it should be.
  • As much as it pains me to admit it, there's a certain irony to Wisconsin having a nearly unstoppable offense. Wisconsin 12 offense (1 back 2 TEs) used to be all the rage but its an anomaly in an age of spread option. That said with teams going smaller and faster to spot the spread Wisconsin's behemoth OL and giant RBs, now have a distinct advantage. It'll be interesting if Wisconsin's success causes some teams to rethink their embrace of the spread.
  • There are incredibly still big name programs that need wins to gain bowl eligibility: Texas and Georgia. If either loses against their arch-rival (A&M and G-Tech respectively) look for firings.


Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) the favre era has to end, thank goodness.
2) I can't believe texas and georgia aren't bowl-eligible yet. yowsers.

Gutsy Goldberg said...

also, why are zombies on top of the food pyramid? what about werewolves? can't they eat zombies?