Tuesday, November 09, 2010

John Connor Series: Week 11 of College Football

Another week of humans resisting the machine driven polls here at the BSD. For how I arrive at my rankings (outside of sacrificing sheep) as well as last week's poll here is the link. Without further ado this week in Mighty Mike driven polling.....

NameSOSBest Wins
1. Auburn71.61LSU, SoCar, Arkansas, MissState

2. Oregon72.11Stanford, USC

3. TCU68.7Utah, Baylor, Oregon State

4. Wisconsin67.62tOSU, Iowa
5. LSU75.07Alabama, Miss StateAuburn
6. Boise67.43V-Tech, Oregon State

7. MSU67.56Wisconsin, Illinois
8. Nebraska73.08Missouri, Ok State,K-StateTexas
9. Stanford75.01Arizona, USC
10. Missouri74.64OU, Illinois
11. Ok St72.52Baylor, K-State, Tex A&MNebraska
12 Ohio State65.41 Miami, Illinois

  • While TCU's wins were somewhat undone last week with Baylor and Oregon State losing their victory at Utah was impressive. Demolishing a team that nearly everyone has as a top 20 team on the roads needs to be rewarded some TCU hops Wisconsin to the ondeck circle at #3
  • Similarly LSU's victory over Alabama wasn't a fluke (they outgained 'Bama by over 100 yards) and was rewarded with a super jump. Only the teams in front of LSU I consider having better victories (remember Miss State beat Florida). Boise's victory over Oregon State as impressive continues to fall as Oregon State lost to UCLA over the weekend- which leaves V-Tech as it's only "big" win.
  • I'll admit to feeling uncomfortable about the bunching of MSU, Nebraska , and Stanford. Overall Nebraska has the best wins but they also have the worst loss. MSU's 2nd win is the weakest of the bunch but they probably have the best overall win. Stanford has had the hardest road but beating Arizona and USC hardly should count as defining victories.
  • I'm equally uncomfortable about the Missouri, Ok State, tOSU bunching for similar reasons. Ok State and tOSU have a number of tough games coming up which should allow for differentiation.


MJ said...

I'm generally fine with these rankings and, as we discussed last week, Arizona dropped off after losing to Stanford.

I don't necessarily agree with Boise State ahead of Michigan State but I can live with some credit being given to an undefeated team (even if, as you said, BSU's only quality win at this point was on opening night against a lousy VT team).

Overall, I think this list makes sense.

Mighty Mike said...

@ MJ - Ultimately I pushed MSU down because of how badly Iowa beat them. Yes, it's a loss against a quality team but I think there should be some consideration for being totally dominated. However I do agree that Boise's victories are not nearly as impressive as MSU's. It's definitely a tough call...

Gutsy Goldberg said...

I think Nebraska should be above Mich St and Boise. This is very subjective of course.