Friday, November 05, 2010

Week 9 - The Emotional State

Last week, I used analysis of the "emotional" state of many teams to pick a lot of games and I went 10-3. Basically, this was the theory: If a team is coming off a shocking loss, they rebound and win (e.g. NO rebounding from the loss to Cleveland with a victory over the Steelers). The hardest part: if a team has won too many games and gets overconfident (or takes for granted a shitty team), they end up getting upset! (e.g. the Jets losing).

I couldn't really find any applicable games for this week though after writing that last paragraph. Oh well, on to the games.

Manwich Matchup of the Week
Indy @ Philly- Vick's first game back is a doozy. The Colts have been on a roll of late, winning 3 in a row. The Eagles are coming off a bye week and are sitting at 4-3. I have no idea what this indicates under any theory, but this seems to be the year of the Vick. Too bad Marcus can't cash in.
Pick: Philly

Upset of the Week #1
Miami @ Baltimore - Miami is 4-0 on the road and 0-3 at home. I want this to continue... so I hope they shock the Ravens!
Pick: Miami

Upset of the Week #2
Chi @ Buff- I think this is the easiest upset of the week, because the Bills have been the best 0-7 team in the history of NFL football. They lost by 5 to miami, 8 to new england, 3 to baltimore, and 3 to KC.
Pick: Buffalo

Opening Round Playoff Game #8
Teams that have been eliminated: Cleveland, St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit, Buffalo, Kansas City, San Fran, Denver
Arizona @ Minny- Its a crucial elimination matchup of two of last seasons playoff teams. Arizona has been dysfunctional at QB. Minny has been dysfunctional at QB, WR, defense, roster decisions, Friday night dinners, and inappropriate pictures of someone's alleged privates. Pick: Minny

SD @ Houston- This is the hardest game to pick I think. Both teams are inconsistent... but I think SD is more desperate.
Pick: SD
NO @ CAR- Pick: NO
TB @ Atl - I respect TB, but not enough to beat ATL in a pivotal divisional game.
Pick: ATL
Jets @ Detroit - I'm very tempted to give the Jets another loss... but based on emotional state, the Jets should bounce-back from their shutout loss last week and from being a game behind the patriots. I still think the Jets will struggle to keep up with the Lions this week.
Pick: Jets
NE @ Cleve - Pick: NE
Giants @ Seattle- Charlie Whitehurst is starting for Seattle. He has no attempts in his career. That can't be good.
Pick: Giants
KC @ Oak - KC has had problems on the road, but I'm guessing that will change this week.
Pick: KC
Dallas @ GB - The Cowboys have quit.
Pick: GB
Pitt @ Cincy- The Bungals are in some sort of hangover state.
Pick: Pitt

Last Week: 10-3 (an actual superior week!)
Season: 69-48
Manwich: 5-3 (The Saints actually did beat the Steelers the week after the Saints lost to the Browns)
Upset of the Week: 7-4 (Well, picking Washington as an "easy" upset pick was a disaster as the Lions routed them. Picking the Packers over the Jets got me one victory last week).

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