Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 11 - The NFL Universe is self-correcting!

Manwich Matchup of the Week-
Indy @ New England - Well, this game is always entertaining to see what the chess battle becomes in terms of the defenses that get rolled out. Plus, both teams don't really have much margin for error in their playoff races. I think the homefield is the deciding factor in this one.
Pick: New England

Upset of the Week #1
Houston @ Jets - I'm sticking with some redemption here. The Jets barely won a game last week, the Texans improbably lost on a hail mary. The universe will correct itself.
Pick: Jets

Upset of the Week #2
Giants @ Eagles - More redemption. Giants were humiliated by the Cowboys. The Eagles romped over the Redskins. This week? Reverseal of fortune!
Pick: Giants

Opening Round Playoff Game #11
Teams that have been eliminated: Cleveland, St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit, Buffalo, Kansas City, San Fran, Denver, Arizona, Carolina
Wash @ Tenn - The Titans are 5-4. The Redskins are 4-5. It's now or never!
Pick: Tenn

Chi @ Miami- Pick: Miami
Oak @ Pitt - Pick: Pitt (redemption for Pitt's disgraceful loss to the Pats)
Balt @ CAR - Pick: Balt
Detroit @ Dallas- Pick: Detroit (payback sucks!)
GB @ Minny- Pick: GB
Buff @ Cincy- Pick: Cincy
Cleve @ Jack- Pick: Cleve
Arizona @ KC- Pick: KC (they always win at home!)
Seattle @ NO - Pick: NO (Seattle only wins in the division)
ATL @ STL- Pick: ATL
TB @ SF- Pick: SF (Troy Smith is just getting hot!)
Denver @ SD- Pick: SD

Last Week: 9-5
Season: 84-57
Manwich: 7-3 (The Pats took it to the Steelers)
Upset of the Week: 8-7 (Missed St. Louis over SF, but I did hit the Seahawks over Arizona).


Mighty Mike said...

I got Buffalo winning. The walls have fallen off in Cincy. Go Troy Smith....

MJ said...

You didn't pick the Giants over Philly on the road on Sunday night, did you?

The Giants DB's can't cover DeSean Jackson or Jeremy Maclin and there isn't a player on the Giants front 7 that can handle Michael Vick in space.

Eagles 31 - Giants 20