Monday, November 01, 2010

MMBSD: Duality

Pro Football
I'm not certain if this is a college or pro story but Jake Locker - he of #1 prospect by Todd McShay - had about 70 yards passing and 2 INTs in a shutout loss to Stanford. Look I'm not saying one has to be perfect but between Locker this year and last year's Jevean Snead hype McShay's #1 QB before not getting drafted I can only conclude that QB scouting just isn't in his forte. Which I assume is why he's on so much as NFL draft scouting somehow isn't in his job description of being a NFL scout.

Of all the elite teams I think the Jets have the most flaws. The offensive play calling seems erratic as does their QB. Their inability to do much of anything positive against the Packers - who had been vulnerable beforehand I think tends to place the Jets in a difficult position if they ever get behind in the playoffs.

The Rams seem to be making big strides lately. From the worst team in the league the Rams seem to have reached a level of competiveness. The difference is obviously Sam Bradford. Even when Jackson has a mediocore day (59 yards) the Rams are still able to win. Simply more evidence this is a QB league now.

College Football
It seems fitting that Auburn and Oregon would pretty much end disagreements or doubts on their trajectory on the same day. Both had games in which upsets were semi-expected, both used the same up tempo spread option run by first time starters to crush the oppositions. Both have heisman hopefuls that chew up rushing yards like Rob Ryan at all you can eat buffet. Both now control their destiny - win and the long awaited Pac 10 v. SEC fight will come to fruition. Can anything stop their Death Star offenses?

Know Your Role Boulevard Finally got a visit from Missouri and MSU. Speaking of duality 2 schools that have had limited historic success, were coming off huge victories that fueled dreams of BCS Championships, and then had them crushed on the road versus ranked opponents. MSU still has an outside shot at winning the Big 10 but Missouri is all but dead in the water for winning in the Big 12. So much for anything can happen....

Big 10 Confusion - Iowa's shlacking of Michigan State makes it a 4 team race for the Big 10 title and a Rose Bowl Birth. Wisconsin has the easiest out and either hope the BCS standings favor them or hope MSU loses again. Iowa has the toughest - win out and have Wisconsin lose again. The only thing clear tOSU @ Iowa in 3 weeks is an elimination game for 1 of them.

As crazy as it sounds it's almost time for College Basketball. The first rankings are out and sigh the Dookies are still at #1. The difference this year is if Duke is to repeat they'll do with a superior backcourt. They have the best freshman PG (Kyrie Irving) in the land and Stephen Curry's younger brother (Seth) alongside 9th year seniors Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith but not a ton in the frontcourt. The Big 10 favorite is (again) Michigan State.


MJ said...

I actually completely disagree on the Jets. I've watched all their games and yesterday wasn't Sanchez's fault at all. I've seen Sanchez make decisive throws, buy time in and out of the pocket and make generally good decisions. If anything, I'd say the Jets are second only to the Steelers in the entire NFL, with the Patriots and Ravens falling in behind those two.

What about yesterday's game vs. GB made you think it was a Sanchez issue and not an issue of the wide receivers showing no ball security discipline?

Mighty Mike said...

I can't speak for every game but the times I've seen Sanchez he's been off on reading defenses and inaccurate on his throws. The Green Bay game should reinforced my previous perceptions that Sanchez (specifically at medium range) isn't very accurate.

MJ said...

Interesting because what I saw in that game was his WR's making bad reads or running bad routes (to say nothing of not catching or holding onto the balls once in their hands).

Gutsy Goldberg said...

1) Sam Bradford is having an unreal rookie QB season. This is off-the-charts, in view of the expectations for his team AND the fact that the top two WRs already blew out their knees.
2) big 10 confusion is exciting!
3) how in the world are kyle singler and nolan smith still playing for duke???? this makes no sense. I feel like they've both been playing since 2005.