Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week 10 - Insanity

Well... I "almost" picked the Browns over the Pats last week just for Mangina to get revenge over Belichick. I really dropped the ball there! In addition, I struck out on both upsets (miami over balt, and buffalo falling short against chicago). Let's see what kind of mayhem I foresee this week:

Manwich Matchup of the Week
NE @ Pitt- The Pats are coming off a humiliating defeat... the steelers are riding high. So... I will go with the refocused Pats in a bounce-back game!
Pick: NE

Upset of the Week #1
Seattle @ Ariz- 3 weeks ago, the Seahawks clobbered Arizona. I think the same thing will still happen, because the Arizona QBs aren't good, and Hasselbeck returns for Seattle.
Pick: Seattle

Upset of the Week #2
St. Louis @ SF - Well... I still like the Rams. They've yet to win on the road, but this may be as easy as it gets.

Opening Round Playoff Game #9
Teams that have been eliminated: Cleveland, St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit, Buffalo, Kansas City, San Fran, Denver, Arizona
CAR @ Tampa- Well... Tampa is 5-3. if they lose this game, they don't deserve to go! And for the 1-7 Panthers... they'd basically have to win every game to have any shot!
Pick: Tampa

Balt @ ATL- Should be an interesting game!
Pick: ATL
Cincy @ Indy- Pick: Indy
Houston @ Jack- Houston has lost 2 in a row, which means they are due.
Pick: Houston
Tenn @ Miami- Miami has still not yet won a home game... and I'm not sure if this is the week either.
Pick: Tenn
Minny @ Chicago- Yawn... I hate the Vikings.
Pick: Chicago
Detroit @ Buff- This is the game the bills will win! They are favored by 3 points... and Stafford can't play and the Lions aren't sure if they are starting Shaun Hill or Drew Stanton.
Pick: Buff
Jets @ Cleveland - Can the Browns pull off 3 remarkable wins in a row? I say no, because unlike the Pats and the Saints, the Jets have RBs that will give the Browns trouble.
Pick: Jets
KC @ Denver - Pick: KC
Dallas @ Giants- Pick: Giants
Philly @ Wash- Pick: Philly

Last Week: 9-4
Season: 75-52
Manwich: 6-3 (The Eagles held on against the Colts)
Upset of the Week: 7-6 (Missed Miami over Balt and barely missed on Buffalo over Chicago).

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Mighty Mike said...

I'm going with Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Miami. Why not?